SPARC's goal is to ensure that children of divorce continue to have meaningful relationships with both parents, regardless of marital status. We advocate on behalf of all non-custodial parents to ensure they get equitable treatment in court and continued access to their children. In addition, we work to promote gender equality in Divorce and Custody issues.

SPARC recognizes the value of both fatherhood and motherhood, and supports the practice of true joint custody where parents work together for the best interests of their children. When joint custody is not possible or workable, we often advocate for fathers as custodial parents. Statistics show that custodial fathers are the most likely to encourage a positive relationship between their children and the other parent and to raise happy, healthy children.

SPARC operates as a provider of information and support resources, and we provide our services without cost. The information and services available through SPARC are intended to promote fair and equitable treatment, not to give one parent or the other an unfair advantage.

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