Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find some general information on Joint Custody?

You can find general information on Joint Custody here:

Joint Custody Study by Judith Seltzer
Does joint custody help to reduce conflict between parents or is it simply that cooperative parents are more likely to agree to joint custody in the first place? Studies have demonstrated that joint custody lead to much better compliance in child support and greater parental involvement.

Sample Joint Custody Agreement
This is a sample of what kinds of things to include in a formal custody agreement. This was written with Joint Custody in mind, but could as easily be used in a Sole custody arrangement as well.

Joint Custody Laws In The U.S.
Thirty-five states plus the District of Columbia have statutes that explicitly authorize joint custody as a presumption or strong preference. The following are some of the best relevant statutes from States which provide a presumption.

Child Custody Policies and Divorce Rates in the US
This paper compares divorce rate trends in the United States in states that encourage joint physical custody with those in states that favor sole custody. States with high levels of joint physical custody awards have shown significantly greater declines in divorce rates compared with other states.

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