Frequently Asked Questions

What would I be giving up if I agree to give my (soon to be) ex-wife sole custody?

Basically, "everything". Don't agree to your ex having sole custody, especially if she's shown ANY inclination to interfere with your relationship with your child, or if you suspect she may withhold visitation. You'll be giving up the right to help raise your child, the right to have meaningful input into his or her life, and the right to make decisions as to what may be best for the child.

With sole custody, could she change the schedule of visitation established in the parenting plan?

With sole custody she can do whatever she wants to, and you will have virtually NO SAY in her decisions, no matter what they are. She doesn't need to change the parenting plan, because she can do whatever she wants to, and you'll have to fight it in court, which is very expensive, time-consuming, and has a very low success rate.
After receiving sole custody, could she change anything that was established in the original divorce settlement?
Again, she'll be able to do whatever she wants; she won't need to legally change anything. You'll have no say in what goes on, and she will be able to deny your visitation for any reason or for no reason at all. You will have NO recourse except through the courts, which will defer to her on nearly everything.